About Us

Africa Centre for Customs and Excise Studies (ACCETS) is a training institution registered and domiciled in Zimbabwe. It is run by of the Zimbabwe Institute of Certified Customs and Excise Experts Trust (ZICCET).

The ZICCEE is a Trust registered in Zimbabwe under Notarial Deed MA0002470/2019. The Trust is a body corporate and capable of suing and can be sued in its corporate name. The Trust has perpetual succession and shall continue as a legal entity notwistanding any changes in the membership.


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Our Objectives

1 - One

Protect and promote the integrity of the Customs and Excise profession for the benefit of Members and national development in customs and excise by providing and facilitating professional training and research in Customs, Excise and Trade matters.

2 - Two

To formulate and enforce Regulations, Rules and necessary codes of Ethical Conduct for the members and the Institute within the framework of the laws of Zimbabwe.

3- Three

To promote trade facilitation through participation in national and international trade and industrial policies formulation